Kumar Kamal

Silicon Sky

You and I
When th evening is spread out against the sky
Rainbow reminiscences You and I
Seagulls by the seaside
I`m deep drunk in your eyes
You and I;I in You cry;You in me smile
The loveliquid dives to divide,multiply
a woman is born-a monk`s song
monsoon menstruates;mahogoney`s maan(mind)!
You & I when the evening is spread out
against the sky
Butterflies,tulips,your lips,my lips drink
deep love beades
Beats,breath mingle;love fly single-teeth
trembles,anaconda humbles
O pleae don`t shut your eyes;I want to see
the Ocean,Universe unwind,uncoil,undress in
your wide set orgasmic,opiated eyes
O You and I let`s go for a dive
Penetrations of Pretense glitter in fireflies

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