Haunted Memories

Shot glass

The good twin I may or may not be

d*mn it's been a sh*tty week
 Tonight after the kids go to sleep
 I'm drinking it all off my mind
 Not looking back leaving it all behind

 I'll drink one for the broken hearted
 Two for the dearly departed
 Three for my evil twin
 I'll stop and pray as I'm sure I will sin

 Four for my heart on a distant shore
 Five because what's one more
 Six as I fight back the water works
 Sometimes I can be a real big jerk

 Seven for those I have touched
 Eight just to prove that I am tough
 Nine as my thoughts are only of you
 This is how I will fight my blues

Ten for the fallen brave

Eleven for all the gave

Twelve this bottle is running dry

It's when the first tear falls from my eye

Thirteen as there is a few shots left

Fourteen liquor is now my breath

Fifteen tonight I am in no hurry

From the tears my vision is getting blurry

Sixteen my hands are starting to shake

Seventeen how much more can I truly take

Eighteen the last and final shot

Eyes are flowing as my heart is in a knot

 The more I drink the further

I'll travel through my haunted past
 Tonight I'll find out how many tears………………..

It takes to fill a shot glass

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