Esther Jacks

Short Poems

My name is Esther Jacks. I love to paint, draw and write poetry.Please feel free to comment on any of my poems and view my website:

'Deep Moon'
My ghostly shadow wandering the night
Illumines dark shapes with inward moonlight

Religious zealots dressed in marble
gathered, yelled, and cried
with fervor and proud tongues

'Holy Monk'
Weighed soul- Earthly cape
Heavy garment- empty desires
repentant feet- burgeoning piety
transforming change

Gone forever I wander as a shadow
broken-winged and tumbling down
I desire the end

'Holy Fruit'
Fold your tents
Smooth your silks
Roll your rugs
Pick holy fruit
and eat with passion

Splotched foam
Bare neon blue's
Microscopic boulders
and faint breezes
Create oceanic bliss