Linda D. Blakely

Shoot the Monkey!

I was born in West Virginia and raised in Kentucky. I've been writing poetry since high school and have been in many poetry circles on the internet. I am known in these circles as the "legendarylinda". I have won contests, received medals and many other merits for my poetry. I would love to travel …

It never fails, something's bugging you
Rain or shine; recognize that debut?
Do what you can to make it through life
We don't need this miserable strife!

Shiver me timbers, put it on the run
Shoot the monkey and have some fun!
Take what you can, then cut no slack
Fire when ready, says Captain Jack!

That monkey is cursed, and it won't die
Gnaws at your soul, and runs like a spy
Now send it to hell; either shout or sing
Shoot the monkey! Get rid of that thing!!