Kumar Kamal

She ascends,she descends

rhythms of love
flicker through her nipples riding the

wavy waves of lustful romance

Teeth tighten,arms wide spread,peachy lips

Quaver;She waves far away

She calls my name from the crests of melted

maze;I keep drowing in(her)love lake

O she keeps rescuing me breaking stormy waves

Nelam,Nelam,Nelam tonight Arti`s untame

She tears me up right and left

Tears of love drops trickle down her lovelane

Desire desperate undo all due,dress;ripples

Of orgasms pass through her naked Veins

I get stuck forever in her Prem

Galaxies of desire undress `neath her Veils

She makes me infinite;she makes Endless

I see geyser of love-lava erupting through

Her eyelash;She moves,She moans

Moon`s numb,deaf-mute;summer breeze cool her

down;she ascends,she descends

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