Esther Jacks

Shakespearean Tragedy

My name is Esther Jacks. I love to paint, draw and write poetry.Please feel free to comment on any of my poems and view my website:

This morning I walked into the bathroom to take off my green mask
Underneath was....Well you don't want to know...Just Gasp*
After my usual routine of dressing and cleaning the lair
It was time for some shopping...Ok my wardrobe 'really' needs some flare
I found nothing that I liked 'Which is pretty normal'...
Especially since this weekend is a wedding -Have to get something formal-
My life is basically a Shakespearean tragedy of bad luck
Minus* the handsome Romeo and plus* the curly hair run amuck
Sigh and moan
Hiss and groan
Maybe it's the Stylist's fault
Maybe it's my own