Cosme Valentine Tijerina

Shadow of a Guardian

We have no life but to serve those who need us,
We live the life of the sublime,
Helping lovers find love once lost.
Though our hearts grow weary with each glance,
We will continue ignoring the scream of our own love
as we drown it's voice submitting to eternal servitude.

We move forward and see you fall in love,
"oh what a sight,if it was only with me."
Still it is her happiness that matters not mine.
And like always my heart must be sacrificed.
Can't help to wonder from time to time.
Why did our similar paths even cross?
Did God want to see my love just be lost?

Buried deep there is something alive.
Is it love I feel trembling inside.
or maybe just the farewell bells chime.
Your love is the love for another,
So I'll fade to the gray,
where shadows lie.

Like all guardian angels ill envy him,
He who has obtain what i most desired,
The spark that makes your smile, your laugh, your love.
Your eternal phoenix fire.
When I am needed i will be there to sacrifice
It's just the role i must play.
guarding and loving you in every way.