Shades of death

A fortyish native born all American man. Married twice and for the last time. I have four children; Three daughters and one son that are all over the age of eighteen. I also have two grandchildren; one three years old and one nine months old. Inspired by God, tragedy, life's experiences and th…

The shades of death a friend to befriend?
Or, an enemy to be foe?
Predications of judgments or victim of verdicts
Tis the course, which thee have ready chose

Here thee shall wait and here thee will lay
Deeds within thy life, motion picture mind scrolls to
"The Samaritan good"
Or selfishly seeking all the spoils unto thy goals?

Close your eyes, be at ease and take in thy rest
Fates thou must accept… unburden the weight
And the toll man should thee willingly greet
For his path to be led, which ends at keeper of thy gate