Wallace Dean LaBenne

Seven Wonders Of The World Plus One

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is world wonder number one.
You are at the pinnacle and can never be outdone.
The Gardens Of Babylon is world wonder number two.
You smell like gardenias, all earth's pathways to bestrew.
The Olympic Zeus Statue is world wonder number three.
You are finely statuesque with carriage of dignity.
The Temple of Artemis is world wonder number four.
You are a sanctuary providing a safe rapport.
The Halicarnassus Crypt is world wonder number five.
You are a protective vault defending spirits alive.
The grand Colossus of Rhodes is world wonder number six.
You are of colossal heart yielding love when you immix.
The Alexandria Lighthouse is wonder number seven.
You are a guiding beacon leading to "seventh heaven."
Your being is in essence the world wonder number eight.
You are the epitome of archetypes small and great.

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