Ian Sawicki

Serenity's Theme

Ian Sawicki has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He is a Manchester born poet, who has dedicated his life to exploration and composition of poetry. His work reflects the many great influential experiences of his life, the pain, the pleasure combined to create new exciting poetry. If anyon…

In the quiet scenes of nature's haunting,
songs of love whisper along time's branches,
echoes roll smiles through weeping willow leaves
while her presence is felt beneath starlight.
Yesterday remembers the raged battles
where old spirits fought in the name of peace;
tranquillity's adventure under breath -
divine tones embedded in vocal chords.

Her passion scratches serenity's theme
as prayers wander beautiful pastel shapes.
On a distant day we will slip our hands
into bold-bright colours of compassion,
but for now sweet life is on the incline,
though I long for her touch to ease this heart.

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