Inge Meldgaard


Born in Denmark in 1953, I migrated to Australia with my family in 1957. After spending my school years in Yallourn, I moved to Melbourne in 1970 to attend Monash University. Having graduated with a science degree in 1975, I worked in various fields, such as youth work, teaching, politics (with a s…

Today, I held sunlight in
the palm of my hand ~
Purple ~
from the prism suspended
in my window;
one piece of the promise
given long ago.
A sacred moment.
I was weary from having
travelled too far
Smiling, I am reminded
that we are never alone.

A small bird sings
outside my window ~
She wants food.
Satisfied, this little friend
flies away.
A sound at the door
and the cat comes in,
also hungry.
She wears a purple collar
and has a coat of many colours.
Pleased with her welcome,
the cat eats.

A cup of fine jasmine tea
for me, as I sit by an orchid
in purple bloom and
watch the last of the sunlight
filter through the treetops
of the forest nearby.
Content, I smile once again.