i love to write poetry like all the time or whenever i can and i love to read books ecspecially ones by my favorite authors... i see poetry a way to get my expression out without being destrutive or just simply breaking down crying. I've been through a lot of stuff in my life and i worry about mi f…

Secrets are just a way to hide the truths. And most of the time they just end up bringing more and more pain to you and those around you. So why do we chose to lie? Maybe its so we can hide who we truly are, or maybe its because we think we're protecting those around us when all were really doing is hurting them. Do we really know that we're hurting our chances to be and stay with that one true love, the one we yearn for in our dreams. Sometimes we want that one person so bad that we just can't stand to be without that person for more that a couple of minutes. Other times it may even put us in so much pain and excruciating agony that we just don't know what to do with ourselves when there not around to comfort, love, and protect us. So why do we keep secrets? I guess it's because we're scared of our own true souls and the real person that lies beneath us.

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