Jane Lomas

Screw them all

All poems included here are just first draft's. I hadn't written poetry for a few years, so to polish my art and find my muse I posted some quickly written poems on these pages so I could see your response. It has helped me by reading your reviews about my poems (all of which I have taken into cons…

What you reap is what you sow

Is how the saying goes

It's the same for our existence

As everybody knows

I know I'm full of clichés

But to drugs you must “say no”

And take it from the horses' mouth

I really ought to know

Its fun sometimes sitting on the fence

You see both sides a good defense

But if you continue to sit on the wall

One day you will surely fall

You must take a chance-

To get anywhere at all

Jump into the unknown

And screw them all

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