Joe fritz

Say goodbye

The things that i write about are from personal experiences or from my heart, and even from my soul I love to read and write, I also write songs. Many of them

I've been rolling down
A long and winding road
I've got a four ton ford
And I'm truckin a heavy load
Got a great big picture
Of a greyhound on my dash
I see the headlights flashing
Gonna let that trucker pass
My little women
 Got a great big hold of me
Now I'm leaven
Gonna set that women free
Got a short stop, eat slop, Anywere the rain drops
Sleeping in the middle of the day
Wish I had a nickle
For every dime I blew away
Say goodbye to my little women
Say goodbye to my sweet Jane
Say goodbye I must be leavin
So tou better get out of my way