Karolina MarszaƂkowska


Hello. I am just one of us , random 20 year old girl that loves to write. I'm writing not to gain fame or respect , just because it brings me happiness. Feel free to read, criticize. All your comments are welcomed cause I'd like to know what you think. ^^

Sadness is kind
It won't leave me alone
It's easy to find
Like never before

I'm sad
Cause I don't see you now
I couldn't help and feel down
When I read

In your letter you were cold
Saying "there's no return"
At same time somehow bold
"no more wood to burn"

Sadness is better than you
Cause it won't leave
Sadness will say the truth
I wish to believe

Your letter like a sharp knife
Almost like if it's fake
I had to endure this life
So this knife I could take

Take it inside
Be hurt and survive
Be strong after all
Until sadness is gone

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