Tynet Hayes


I am 24 and I have so many stories to share through my poetry. I am a passionate writer because its the voice I don't have in person. Within the words there is a story with great connection to self's emotions. I release my past to get to where I am now; the start over of my life , yet, the beginnin…

Adults start conversations with them reminding us they sacraficed
The world teach us to sacrafice
But what is sacraficing? And is it just a grown up terminology?
Today in society, we have teenagers whom sacrafices
They sacrafice their life
They sacrafice dependency
They sacrafice their bodies
But what about the strong minded and warm hearted individuals?
They sacrafice everything to make everyone happy
They let everything go just to make a difference
So, do the world really sacrafice?
Do our families sacrafice?
Because sacrafice means to me open hearted and carefree
And no one hears of this because they don't complain!

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