Wesley Morin

Rosa Maria

I was borne in the soul of misery and I never had me a name... they just gave me a number when I was young... ***BANNED IN A HUNDRED THOUSAND COUNTRIES***

Though the colors of flowers in the bouquet were many,
 only one was the Red Rose though there need not be any.

 There is no Valentine,
 no makeshift matrimony shrine
 inscribed with the greatest of lies.
 I can feel the disgust as you pass me by.

It's okay that no one's callin' cause I'm through with you.
Replaced the pain with pills and powder.
Doesn't matter if I make it through.

(Don't flatter yourself with this faux best friendship 'cause I know your true intentions. Even way back then I knew it was b*llsh*t but wasn't worth an honorable mention. I don't care if you claim that you love him 'cause you never meant to speak the phrase. You only love to promote dissention and I'm the only one left who'll play your game.)

There is no Valentine
No loved one on the other line
Busy signal, dial tone
Off the hook and not alone

I take back everything
the chocolate heart, the diamond ring
There is a Valentine
Just not one for me

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