Alexis Esteb

romance misfortunes.

I am directed by emotions alone. I am quite lonely, often springing to tears for no reason. I have a tendency to absorb the emotions of anyone near me.

behold the fancy first-class show
flying away where no one should go
where winter always keeps you warm
beware of the angelic stow storm

tip the glass back and close your eyes
looking forward to icy capsize
everyone wants leo as their prince
we haven't heard from anyone since

sinking, twisting, you wish for the worst
all these love stories were taught to you first
want tragic love and you wind up lost
trying for world's best at the highest cost

smile for your picture 'cause you'll have your fame
forget family and friendship and go play your game
all the moments can mess with your head
have bittersweet romance and then end up dead.