Richard Stephan

Rollin' Green with some leprechauns

I trip on the light fantastic, from the northside of Chicago to the northside of California, i'm nationwide & worldwide...all in my own tiny mind. Enjoy the day, the week, viva la loca! S M I L E always... ;-) P L E A S E FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE my personal blog spot *PHILOSOPHIA* LINK into your …

I found a four leaf clover this morning and my dream ended
It was lucky that I found the green leaf as the day began
I was drinkin' a spot of green tea on the patio's corner shaded
By the Oak in the middle of the courtyard, aware I'm just a man.

Never asked to come here to be alive, to be a human, a dreamer
Yet here I am, sent from noplace in particular just home in bed
On cloud nine in the dark, only starlight a moonglow to fear
I came and I went the same way, via nothing going nowhere, just dead.

c. March 17, 2015 Tuesday 1806 hours
( WRITTEN while listenin' to nothing but my thoughts )