Kumar Kamal

Rhymes of wisdom

The aeroplanes bug in the sky
The bugs of below-land sigh and sigh--
The whoregirl cannot cross her thighs
She has to keep them open 3*2 times
day and night
The policeman beats heavily an olden man
The president at the palace wants a kickback
of four hundred thousand dollars in hard
The herd boy no longer play his flute
There`s no more wolves to attack woolly goats
Shakespeare,Thomas,Romanticists and all the
Daughters of the English Classics taunt me
day and night with their limbs and Himalayan
feet;the rivers are no more virgins and
sabbath abiding;nuclear faeces and industries
effluents flow through their veins and
arteries round the clock`s symphony
I met a girl named arti;I love her infinite
Alas!She doesn`t al all love me

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