Hawley Laine Proctor

Revised Recycled Eyes

I, hypnotically, gazed into your eyes
As they, so seductively, led me to rise
Surrounded by sunshine and by blue skies
My fear of heights was numbed by this surreal surprise
And by the comfort of a cloud as I tried it on for
Remembering your eyes, the warmth and protection
They'd provide
I removed my new found fitted white wardrobe and set
It to my side
For, I realized, there would only be room for my
Spirit on this ride
As I further ascended from all forms of Earthly
I was satisfyingly set free from bodily restriction
While I passed, powerfully, on up and over without
To be, to beam, to be the beam if light again
To see, to gleam, to see my gleam of white ascend
To me, to dream, to me one dream of flight made ten

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