eliseo guerrero cervantes

Reverie At Christmas in L.A.

In the corner of Third and Vermont,
A saintly-old lady was giving everyone
Walking by her, a green and white little
Candy cane and a card that says,
"God loves you! Have a Merry Christmas!"
I brought mine--home and gave the candy to
Michele; the card I placed beside the
Pillow of my sleeping three-year old
Marites, while whispering to her "the words."
She smiled, as though she heard me just fine.
And the music of my people played in my
Heart, even as my wife played softly
Mel Torme's. And then, my mind flew--
Like a jet across the vast expanse of the
Pacific Ocean--to my Nanay and Tatay.
Suddenly, I heard my child saying,
"I love my Daddy, very much!" Smiling
In disbelief, I looked at her...and then,
Out the window--up in the sky so blue,
I saw the divine face of God, smiling, too.

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