Debbie Shouse

Remnants of Regret

In my youth, I sowed a solitary rose
Amongst a thicket of weedy memories.
During the despairing decades that followed,
I nurtured it on misguided ambitions.
Ignoring infusing, viral vines thriving
On the flourishing nectar of ignorance.
Tenderly, I tended my cherished blossom.
Hallucinating hopes of defective dreams,
While malignant, manipulative motives
Tangled tentacles of twisted travesties
With this inconceivable reality
Of unobtainable, elicit desires.
That isolate, flowering serenity,
Sanctuary for rotting withered passions.
I'm, now, yearning winter's benevolent snows,
And their numbing peace to this embittered death,
Shrouded by buds blooming mementos of you.