Reflections (assorted haikus)

Hey, some of these aren't that great but what the heck. I just like writing how I feel in the moment so some of my poems might be confusing because I was confused in that moment. Maybe thats why I wanted to write a poem, to sort out my thoughts. Anyway, just read them and hopefully just one of them…

---these aren't all of them
I will constantly add more
this is a haiku ; ) ---


the sky was so blue
the ocean got jealous and
imitated it


red is a color
just like brown or green or blue
black is all the hues

when mixed with some light
and then stirred with emotion
it's a work of art


falling fast asleep
the rain fell along with me
ushering in dreams

my head is spinning
the earth spins along with me
into the blackness

as I lay dreaming
the world dreamed along with me
and we all found peace


why don't we lie down
and listen to the silence
but soak up the sound


enveloping me
the giant wave curled, crashing
is all I could hear

trusty fireflies
will take over when the stars
are hidden by clouds