Inge Meldgaard

Red Socks

Born in Denmark in 1953, I migrated to Australia with my family in 1957. After spending my school years in Yallourn, I moved to Melbourne in 1970 to attend Monash University. Having graduated with a science degree in 1975, I worked in various fields, such as youth work, teaching, politics (with a s…

Toes meet
Beautiful feet,
Red socks, soft, cosy, form fitting;
Her mother was good at knitting.
Outfit complete,
Nothing beats
Happy feet!

Soft ground,
Kittens bound,
Feet bare in the summer heat;
Playing tag, children cry, ‘Don’t cheat!’
Laughter sounds,
Winner crowned ~
Another round.

Muddy grime ~
Childhood’s crime,
Red socks, wet, full of sand;
Into the bath, a gentle hand.
Dinner time,
Nursery rhyme,
Life sublime.