Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi


I have heart mind and feel
Quest zest and zeal
I can catch every light ray
I can run dance and play
Just think of a person blind
Can't catch a ray but very sensible mind
 Think of a deaf and dumb
He has reasons of feel but numb
You will feel little shy
That a bird with wings can't fly
Think of a tree without single leave
It stands there just to grieve
Think of a river gone dry
The dew is meaning less feels shy
Think of mountains gone barren
A time in past when trees made it heaven
Think of a bud which never flowers
As spray clouds that never shower
Think of a seed which never crop
Think of a deceased who has lost hope
Life is endless mystery
Maths physics and chemistry
Only when emotions die
Is anything will make you cry
Life is mix of sorrows and joy
Victorious is one who played it a toy
Hoping against all the hopes
Has courage to say every grief a nope………