Ravi Kant

Reasons of my Love

Hello friends, I am from India. Coming to my educational details, I am an electrical engineer and currently I am in the final phases of my doctoral program. In due course of time I have imbibed some flavors of poetic thoughts, which eventually came out unconditionally, all of a sudden. I was afraid…

Those eyes of a swan
That is a door to new world
Those drops of yours
That shines of diamond crystals
Those smiles of yours
That whispers the noises of heavy rain dripping on the waters
Had made me frozen

Those crazy little attitude of yours
That drove my attention
Those little little foolishness of yours
That gives me joy
And those shadows of yours
That remind of your presence
Had left a mark

I remember,
Those words of love you had spoken
That sliced my heart
Has made me go insane
I still remember it
I remember everything
And Those impishness nature of yours
Are the reasons for everything I am today
Are reasons for my psychosis
And are reasons of my love for you

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