Reasons 4 rhymes

Poetry is therapy

Here's some reasons I rhyme
To show I took the time
Not just sharing my mind
Making sense in each line

Could be jotting down lies
Behind a fake disguise
Some people live online
I'm immune to these guys

If it's the case, might be
Clouding one's shine
Hold on, Poemahontas,
Get back to the rhymes......

A poem that doesn't rhyme
It ought to be a crime
Can't flow without the rhyme
I always speak my mind

Everyone has something to say
About their life, about their day
Keep it poetry if you may
Why not in a poetic way

Words with no meaning
Are thoughts with no feelings
If your words have reasons
They ought to cause healing

When it's my time to rhyme
A glass of wine to unwind
Pulling grapes from the vine
My influence is divine

Metaphors and punch lines
Comes with my delivery
Just read between the lines
Uncover a mystery

Critics will criticize
And probably laugh at me
I get it, I realize
To them, it's blasphemy

Civilians, civilized
Can feel my poetry
As millions recognize
Their rights, to speak freely

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