Amir Samji

Progress and prosperity go hand in hand moon journey to embark

Now a day our attitudes are; want everything without efforts
By this way our economy will slow down compare to others
We all have to continue to work for development of coffers
Future depends on what we do today, don't be a fiasco of farce

For the glory of ours must give sacrifices to be the most super
Otherwise we will remain, where we are now further to suffer
No need to work hard but need to work smarter in our buffer
This way we can build up our future for luxury life of leisure

We are still number one, but have to maintain it with safeguards
If we follow that we will be leaving behind a legacy very smart
Otherwise we'll be paving stones in our way to make future dark
To maintain glory, need maintenance is that simple than thought.

Progress and prosperity go hand in hand moon journey to embark
It is an inter related equation, balance it out to be up to the mark
And that balancing act of; will keep us in light to be beckon of dart
Otherwise, failure will chase us to snatch our glory to be in dark

A barren Planet turned into a paradise like place; a shinning star
A major share came from ancestors, admire them being outsmart
If they made without latest gadgets, we have go all out to embark
If we follow the path of ancestors, soon will be on our way to Mars