Inge Meldgaard

Previous Lives Dreaming

Born in Denmark in 1953, I migrated to Australia with my family in 1957. After spending my school years in Yallourn, I moved to Melbourne in 1970 to attend Monash University. Having graduated with a science degree in 1975, I worked in various fields, such as youth work, teaching, politics (with a s…

What am I but a sign to your past
where your path has led before?
When it turned away from me
did it go where you wanted it to?
Did your footsteps take you
where your heart had fled?

Forever you’ve gone,
Forever I stay,
A question with no reply.

Oh fortune’s strange ways I see,
Leading away from you.
Gone are the years between ~
 Did they give you what you wanted them to?
Did your life take the way
that your heart desired?

Forever you’ve gone,
Forever I stay,
A point in a moment of time.

If you turn back to look for me
when your life meets a change in its stream,
You’ll not see me again,
For I am gone,
Just a sign to your past,
No more.

Forever you’ve gone,
Forever I stay,
Unanswered, forgotten, forlorn.