Taleshia G MCcray

Prayer Iist!

Thank God for letting me live to see
another day.For healing my body? And
keeping me in my right mind,after
four years and having a lump on my
breast,It was a cyst.l'am truly bless.
Because my God didn't turn it into cancer
thank you Lord? God will never rejects
you,but people will rejects you.
I don't want to let him go
lord l neen some help
I love him very much
but he don't want me Lord
and that is very hard for me.
Lord is he shame of me
is that why he don't want to be with me
Lord? I know you have somebody in your
life, but I still can't stop love him
Lord. I believe in you and so do Jesus.
Lord if he love me why don't he prove?

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