Powerful Than Blood Bond

Name : Ugenteraan s/o Manogaran Birth of Date : 15 June 1994 Country : Malaysia email / facebook : m.ugenteraan@yahoo.comI'm just a beginner in writing please criticize on my poems :) I would rate and review your works for sure if you had rated and reviewed mine :D

Have you ever seen a talking Lunar Moon
Wrapped in a sarcenet heart-gold cocoon
Floating in the night sky like a balloon
Breathing the fire like the dance of typhoon?

She is...
An Angel mizzled from Heaven with snow flurry !
An isolated crimson rose that typify axenic glory !
An elegant ruby-red macaw mantled in alluring jewellery !
An olive sunrise in midnight that wreaks luxury !
An epic living legend that trembles the mystery !

Despite the blood that failed to bind this relation
and the religion that blasting a firm objection
She is my sister and thats my final decision
and I can't express this relation with diction

A SymphonY of DigiT !
MishalinI and AmarjiT !
My unexpected visitors !
In the form of sisters !

*This poem is dedicated to my sisters ..although they are not my real sisters..I think them as my real sisters <3 ...Mishalini and Amarjit