Lena Smith Carter


Lena Smith Carter is an internationally traveled concert artist who has sung the poetry of the world in seven languages across America and around the world. She is a graduate of Central State University (OH) with a B. S. in Music Education, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with an M.Mus. in Perf…

Hide this box and tell your friends
You have a new obsession,
Spread new gossip, renounce confidences,
All without regression.

After they have disappeared
Creep silently away,
Reclaim your box and open it,
Take the time to play!

Rub the smooth, cool borders,
Finger recessed chinks,
Shine the impearled surfaces,
To opalescent pink!

Add a perfumed ball,
The butler’s patina rampant,
Retain the treasured keepsake,
Effulgence is apparent!

c. by Lena Smith Carter--Poetic Universalisms I, 2006.

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