Philip Smith


A quiet remembrance, of youth long passed,
silly flaxen haired girls who came and went
flash in and out of my minds eye.
Deeds once dreamt and left unfulfilled
haunt a silent regret. The misspent songs
of youth lay on empty ears, new tunes, more
sombre and requent fill their void.
Adonis in his prime, has given way to
this greying, withering shadow of his
former being. His persona nods a quick
acknowledgement, but moves swiftly away,
not wanting to see what may become.
Slugged feebleness is now routine,
usurping former strength of both body
and mind, was yesterday really so
long, long ago! My mind and body do conspire
against me, I have no choice but to them
comply, little else can I do, trying to
remember the golden times, now tarnished
and hidden from my lessening view.