Ludy Bührs

Pompous Display

The topics she writes about are very diverse, so are the poetry styles she applies. As a Dutch translator and poet, having lived in Cambodia's capital city Phnom Penh for 2.5 years, in 2008 she published "Op de ruïnes van een rijk" (On the Ruins of an Empire) ISBN 978-90-8834-483-1 with 6…

Stark words in convinced display, seamlessly well defined
they like to make a lot of sense from way deep within
where the substance appears solid and fully blessed
but behind the fashionable bricked and cool facade
they, in fact, may cover up a sucking emptiness.

The heart shielded and shut with utter pretense,
fearing its treasures might be stealthily taken,
will end up with nothing, for not opening,
its richness sums up to a bleak defense,
like the boosts of stocks, value faking.

By staying stinted and not permissive
the core dries out and falls apart.
Fulfillment needs a giving start.