Donald Vess

Politicians Voted In...

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i hear their voice,
each with their own choice.

thinking they know whats best for me,
thru my heart, only i can see.

people calling people names,
because they dont play others games.

forcing us to believe in,
all of their unforgiven sin.

people vote this ignorance into office,
whispering untruth thru their orifice.

speaking what they dont know,
becoming a side road show.

let everyone have their own way,
still nothing will be okay.

theirs so much hate growing,
in a country where none are all knowing.

such a division in beliefs,
more colorful are the oceans reefs.

nothing is just black & white,
deeper is the unconscionable human fight.

i dont force my way of thinking on anyone,
more demeaning are the things in life ive done.

too many people act like they do no wrong,
in their own selfishness they live & belong.

how can i tell you what to do?
how can you tell me what to do?

i thought this was a free living country,
where all could live in their own serenity.

maybe im blind to it all,
thats why i believe in the holy spirit call.

guiding me on a path of peace,
this, as the world's morals & values decrease.

believe what you will,
dont force it on others,
for thru God's eyes,
we're all sisters & brothers.