hemu gupta

poetic gems(my list of top 10 poets on this site, please read their work and u will know why i admire them)

merill- can send one to a trance with classic poetry schemes.
rhonda- magical poetic angel who can't hurt anyone even in dreams.

faheem jawaid- the real legend of the poetic world.
king tomy hindley- a whole life is present in his powerful words.

chelsea williams aka daily poet- the extraordinarily gifted poetic star of our cluster.
jawahar gupta-never writes anything bad or lackluster.

jay q- has amazing ability to make one smile and cry at the same time.
steven gress- humbleness, spirituality and wit dances together in his masterful rhymes.

guilty pleasure- consistently produces masterpieces from his poetic treasure.
queen maria shaw- a poetess with talent beyond measure.

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