Roy Dan Baron

PLEASE call me Forest Gump!

The wrangling on Capitol Hill between Republicans and Democrats is getting old. Very old. Americans are tired
and angry about the never-ending bickering and lack of Compassion.

Roy Dan Baron says it’s time for what-he-calls Bus Stop Politics and the Compassion Party, and
he thinks your listeners will welcome the opportunity to hear what makes this the best time to embrace a change.

Baron has hiked trails and taken public transportation from Georgia to Maine and then New York City to Los Angeles. He’s lived for months in US hostels and knows what it’s like to face homelessness.

Invite him on your show to talk about what the Compassion Party stands for, why today’s politicians aren’t public servants and are not working for us, and what your audience can do to take back the country.

My Human Compassion (MHC) Baron is the author of "Looking Glass Shattered; Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds.” Contact him at (737) 932-0095;

Twitter: @myhumancompass