Karolina MarszaƂkowska


Hello. I am just one of us , random 20 year old girl that loves to write. I'm writing not to gain fame or respect , just because it brings me happiness. Feel free to read, criticize. All your comments are welcomed cause I'd like to know what you think. ^^

I really like
when you sigh in my ear
I really like when you are near
It's not love , it's pure desire
For your body that I admire
When you glance at me from time to time
Then I know you're already mine
It's kind of disappointing you already gave in
I'll have to look for someone else to entertain

I am unfaithful woman that doesn't care
Neither for your heart or if you're fair
I gain your trust then I throw you out
After I get satisfied
You are just a prey I want to devour
When we greet I decide what you're worth

Maybe one night
Maybe a week
Maybe you're a man I seek
If you last longer that will mean
I surprisingly started to feel

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