Iliyan and Nellya Yurukovy

Player (Dostoevsky)!

Iliyan Yurukov graduated from the university in Ashkhabad! Children's doctor (pediatrician)! Nellya Yurukova graduated from the university in Ashkhabad (History and Philosophy)! Collaboration in medicine and poetry!Creativity beginning Facebook! Hobbies photo, design, esoterics, music! Diviz Per as…

Player (Dostoevsky)!
There's green cloth.
And it is lined.
Diamond Manistee.
You blaze, you're burning up.
What are you doing with the chips.
You're bluffing?
Are you silent?
Hands tremble nervously.
After all, surely win.
And then begged his wife.
You're my beauty.
It's a passion she ruined.
But, "The Gambler" has given us.
Dostoevsky you flower.
Drama you connoisseur.
Psychology king.
You have kept your love.