Marcus T. Johnson

Pit of Death, AKA Lake Nyos

I'm a 18 year old and love to sing in my high school choir, perform magic, and play ultimate frisbee. I hope you all enjoy what I write. However, I haven't written anything in a very long time. I think that my first stuff oldest posted stuff on here is better than my newer stuff, any reviews are hi…

Birds, butterflies, banteng, and buffalo.
Sleeping in silence through the thunderous strikes of the stormy nights.
The storm shakes them awake with the magisterial strikes of its mighty thunder.
The time to fear is drawing near, for as the storm settles, the killer stirs.
Creeping up from the crevices and cracks beneath their feet,
Stealthily stalking their prey as they search for food.
Soon he’ll strike, suddenly springing! But maintaining a soothing silence.
Rushing to suffocate it’s unsuspecting victim.
Causing prey to become paralyzed from the bite of this invisible killer.
And as the sun sets that night, you see the mass destruction in it’s wake.
The carcasses of the dead amphibians and vultures alike.
Left out to rot and lure in the next set of unsuspecting victims.