Larry Tucker

Petition of a Patriot of Our Constitution

Veteran of Viet Nam War Retired Civil Service Living in Texas Love to inspire with poetry. Enjoy good books and the best one of course is the Holy Bible.

The Constitution of The United States
Was created by the Guardian of our nation
And is the established document for
United Order and Operation
With in the boundaries of its'
Universal jurisdiction
Let all oppositions to principles and parts
Be converted or convicted by
The Principal committed unto its' welfare
The legacy of sacrifices for its' security
Must be brought out of any obscurity
The lives given with unselfish sincerity
Became the witnesses for its' divine purity
Therefore united we stand in this Unified Mind
Established in the Spirit of this work
We find these trues to be self evident
That all people are created free
And none is empowered to revise this right
Let the eternal torch of Our Lady burn bright.