Have you ever been arrested for possession
Possession of your doctor prescribed medication
Didn't know that was legal could cops be that corrupt
My mind was exploding like volcanoes errupt

The shock was ecstatic - the odds improbable
But I've learned in my lifetime that anythings possible
Was found with point zero six grams of burnt pot
With prescription in hand and care they did not

They said pots no medication marijuana is bad
I said your no doctor your a cop don't be sad
My head started to spin and I wanted to scream
My medication bad what the fuck do you mean

For years it has kept me from hospitalization
When will you cops have the realization
That marijuana's not bad - it's a plant in the ground
It don't cause reefer madness - it's not a curse to be bound

It's a miracle cure - should be glorified
As the only medication whom no one has died
And if you heard otherwise - it's lies
Which is why it should be legalized

Would you sacrifice your own medication away
If it's what kept you alive day to day
Will you open your eyes and begin to see
That just because you don't agree

We're tired of being arrested for our medication
Which could be stopped through legalization
You don't stop and arrest those with prescriptions for pills
Man made killers that pay your bills

Is your greed for money so strong you neglect
The needs of your people your supposed to serve and protect
And accuse them of having committed crimes
All so you pocket extra nickles and dimes

Marijuana's no crime its medicinal plant
And to help all understand repeat my rant
Go out in the world spread the word
Believing pot bad is plain absurd

Don't be like those morons whom arrested me
And don't use guns or artillery

Just get off your ass stand up and fight
Go out and petition do what is right
Gather up signatures and when the end is in sight
Light up a joint and have a good night

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