Kassandra M. Konecny


Kassandra Konecny is a lover of listening to music, hiking in the mountains, and observing the way people act. She began writing vigorously when she was fourteen and will hopefully never stop. She has had her fair share of trials lately, and tries to encompass nearly every subject there is to study…

I came across a caged bird
Hanging from a tree,
No one around could claim the bird,
So I decided to set it free.
With a chirp of gratitude,
The sparrow off and jumped,
Flying in its newfound freedom,
Its wings flapping as they pumped.
Soon, later, I began to realize
That I had done a good deed,
I felt warm, happy,
And that thought sprouted a seed.
Maybe that caged bird
Hanging from a branched tree,
Maybe, just maybe,
That little bird was me.

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