Beverly Jordan here. I live in the mountains of NC and love to write my random nonsense down in the form of poetry. I'm the mother of 2 wonderful girls. Thanks for stopping by!

Frozen we stand
Contemplating the countenance of indifference.
To regress or procede
Might bleed us of the sole thread of sanity.

Have we but skimmed the waters of humanity?
Are we certain the toll has been paid?
Think we that we have heard melodies yet unsung?
Must we mouth the words we are loathe to say?

Listen brightly and step with haste.
Our paths now diverge.
Relish this meadow that dances
Alive with memoirs and longing.

We begin anew albeit alone
Fueled by pain not yet unrobed.
Quiet calm must lead you on my friend;
I shall await you upon the moors.