Carl Semien

People who understands, 3 types!! name is Carl Anthony Semien, I was born on Oct 25th 1957 in Lake Charles, La. I found my passion for writing poetry when I entered my first poetry contest with in 1997 with the poem "A Place" which gave me my first poetry Editor's Choice Award. Since then I've published two poe…

There are only 3 TYPES of people who truly understand whatever it is!

1. The humble soul who never judges, but instead encourages!!
2. The one who has experienced the same as you, but in a different way!!
3. The person who chooses to uplift, rather than to put down!!

These 3 TYPES can be a mother, a friend, a father, a teacher, a mentor!!
In my eyes, in my life, and in my heart, these three are Angels from HEAVEN!!