Jana Satterlund

Patchwork Poetry

I wrote my first poem at the age of 10. Although I enjoyed reading and writing poetry, I didn't truly appreciate it until a few years ago. At 21 I started really writing for myself as a release. It has surely become my escape, my late night ritual, my confession. I feel honored to be a part of this…


Trace out tints from pages
stained grey with patchwork poetry.
Drown me in new hues
then pour my soul back into me.
Inspire me,
desire what my words have yet to be.

Wash away insipid day,
evening currents vibrant deep.
Untie the view that won’t undo
the pull inside of me.
Relieving me,
believe again what hidden rhythms keep.

Crave the shapely written way,
powdered pink with subtleties.
Invented hue I always knew,
violet lines of essence weep.
Dripping the mind,
brave and divine, a liquid memory.

© Poetry.com