Louisa yiew

Past is gone

I don't dwell on the Past
It's Gone.
I forgot about you - it liberated me
The act of forgetting

I fell in love with a guy
Until you came back along
I loved him - until you blinded me with someone else
I want to love him again

You give my heart a burden
For some reason - you and I are always like oil-and-water
I don't want this relationship
I choose someone else back then,
It was probably a wrong choice
But my heart is too rough/touch for you/on you
I don't love you - you must find a new love

I love someone else
I built dreams with him
You came to destroy it
but I think it's unfair on him
I want you gone - as you always were
Please Go away
Don't come back and crumble my life down - ever again
This is all I have - All I achieved,
I cannot break down because of you again.

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