Kristie Elizabeth Elliott


I never forgot to dress you;
It's just you were particular
about the feel of the cloth,
stating the simple annoyances.
You blamed me for decorating your
simple words. The hat you wore was
not as easy to pull off as it read
on the shiny label, recited to me in
common verse by your lips that never did know.
I knew this all too well.
You see, I never did forget to wrap you
in all of that precious warmth of
sensational memories. You were indecisive.
I gave you gloves to warm your hands.
Yet, the feel of throwing them around taught you
strength was easy to find. I tried to dress
you many times, but you were particular.
The rub of the cloth set you afire.
It was not easy to wear, but always kept
me warm to dress that way.