Kumar Kamal


How do you do?
Patel girls picturesque,painted,pure,exotic
Prime,prem,pristine-pouring love mainstream
Air of Parsippany mistify my brain
Smell of spices opiate my cells
Patel girls bemuse me,sheindoor-worn-beauty
beliefs loitering in the western wind
Temple bells,rainy mists
Mythologies(Bengali,Hindi,Gujrati),Lord Byron
A Tale Of Two Cities;Geeta,Koran,Bible
Parsippany,Parsippany;deep in the deep night
arti robs me my sleep,avoiding me,neglecting
me,she sleeps so sweet sleep `neath the veil
of soft,sweet,gentle,moonlit dreams
My content of whiskey weep,the champagne sink
deep in the orifices of oblivions & sleep
Parsippany,Parsippany pls do set me freeee

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